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TrainCad is a freeware Microsoft Windows program for designing model railroad layouts using standard tracks.

Track libraries are available for Märklin metal, C and plastic-tracks in H0, Z and Spur 1, Roco/Trix H0, N track, Atlas N, GarGrave and others. New track libraries may be created using a text editor.

TrainCad is available in both English and German.



Click here to download TrainCad (672 Kbyte) (nov 16 2002)

To install, download the self-extracting program file and launch it on your computer. The default installation directory is "C:\Program Files\TrainCad". You may want to use Explorer to create a shortcut and place it on your desktop.

To uninstall, delete the installation directory. All files are placed in the same directory.

TrainCad runs with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

Track Libraries

Aristocraft G scale
Atlas N scale
Fleischmann Model track H0 scale
Frateschi H0
Gargraves O scale
Märklin 1 scale
Märklin C track H0 scale
Märklin K track H0 scale
Märklin Metal track H0 scale *
Märklin Z scale
Minitrix N scale
Miscellaneous TT scale
Peco Setrack H0 scale
Pilz TT scale
Roco H0 scale
RocoLine H0 scale
Roco etc N scale*
Lego Duplo
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*: Included in the main program download.
: WARNING! The Frateschi HO library file was changed on 01-26-2008. If you downloaded it before this date, please download the updated .trk file. There were some problems within the 4219, 4083 and 4166 track definitions. Those who have already made a project using the wrong 4166 track can easily correct it by using a sum of a real 4166 product + a 4083, from the new library, that it will fix it perfectly.

These files are plain track library files. Right-click and choose 'save target as' to download a file.

WARNING: Do not overwrite old track libraries if you use them in a layout!

You can combine several track libraries if you use tracks from different sources. Use the notepad editor to create your own library.

Many users have contributed to the track library files. If you create a track library file, please send it so that it can be made available to other users. Layouts can also be sent here and added to the web site. Please note that you must send the corresponding track libraries too.

Click here for a tutorial on how to create personalised .frm files.

Click here for a tutorial on how to print to .ps PostScript files from TrainCad.

Legal Matters

TrainCad is created by Tor Sjøwall © 1991-2008.
Helpfiles and German translation by Helmut Ewaldt © 2002.
The link to this page is traincad.com.
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TrainCad is a freeware program, i.e. you may use it, copy it, give it away for free, but not sell it. The authors gives no guarantees of any kind, nor accept any responsibilities concerning the Traincad program.

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